Change Line or Polygon segment to Bezier

11-26-2013 06:09 AM
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I am using ArcGIS for Desktop-Basic 10.2.  I have been editing some lines and polygons for a walking trail that I am designing and Bezier curves naturally look the best for what I want.  If I delete a vertex, the segment is changed to straight and that segment looses its curve handle of course.  When I change a segment back to Bezier to obtain the vertex handle for that segment, the handle is not straight with the adjoining segment's curve handle.  Is there a way to reset the handle angles that come off each vertex when manually changing segments? The only thing I figured out to do was continue to use the Smooth tool on the Advanced Editing toolbar, which returns all segment curve handles to be straight.  [ATTACH=CONFIG]29362[/ATTACH]
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