Cell count issue (sometimes)

03-21-2013 06:58 AM
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I have a user that has reported a strange (to me) issue that I cannot explain and hope to get some answers.

When previewing the Classification properties of a raster (from a FGDB) that is loaded into ArcMap 10.1, the count is double what the row count * column count.  For example,

Cols & Rows: 1467, 1354 = 1986318 cells

However, if we preview the symbology properties, Classified renderer (clicking the "Classify" button) it shows in the classification statistics pane:

Count: 3972636

This count is double the cell count of cols * rows above.  This only occurs on some rasters (there are other rasters that show the same count per the above example).

Am I misunderstanding something simple here?

Thanks for any input,
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I am wondering if this is just a strange quirk of the properties window that is reporting the Count value of the Classified Statistics. By running the same raster through a raster-to-point conversion, the output has the correct number of rows/points, while that count in the properties of raster is double that value.
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