CASE tool: inconsistent behavior when updating file geodatabase with XML file.

11-12-2010 12:18 PM
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Hi Everyboday:

    I encountered an issue when I tried to use CASE tool to update a filed geodatabase under ArcCatalog 9.2.
    I selected an existing file geodatabase, started CASE tool, and select the XML file generated by VISIO 2003, then I found that a long integer field is going to be updated to precision 0, while I expected precision 10. See the attached picture updatelayer.jpg.
    However, the XML file works correctly if I apply it to an empty geodatabase (createlayer.jpg).
    I checked around the text of the XML file itself and VISIO but couldn't find anything incorrect. The Precision tag value of the field is 10.

    Is this a CASE tool bug? Or how I can find out the cause of the issue?
    Thank you.
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