Cannot upgrade geodatabase - ArcSDE10

09-10-2010 04:40 AM
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I am trying to upgrade ArcSDE geodatabase in Oracle 9.2 -> 10.0. I used ArcCatalog and button Upgrade Geodatabase. There is an error message:

Connected RDBMS instance is not setup for ST_GEOMETRY configuration. [Unable to determine current version of ST_SHAPELIB
The latest ST_GEOMETRY and dependent libraries need to be copied to the correct software location. Please consult ArcSDE for Oracle Installation Guide for further details.]

ArcSDE and Oracle are at the same server (OS - Sun Solaris 10).
Librariaries are in the $SDEHOME/lib.

Can you help me what should I try?

Thank you
Jaro, Slovakia
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Hi Jaro,

What you are seeing is a warning stating that currently your instance is not set up to execute SQL functions on ST_Geometry feature classes. This warning will be highlighted in green in the Pre-requisit Check and the Upgrade process when you run the upgrade in ArcCatalog, but it will not prevent you from upgrading successfully.

What to be aware of are any errors that appear in red. Such errors will need to be addressed prior to completing the upgrade process. An example of something that would appear in red would be a permissions error, where without the correct permissions the upgrade cannot be carried out successfully.

Additional information on the upgrade process can be found in the online help and your install documentation.


Despina M.

P.S. With respect to the warning you've listed. If you are planning to use SQL to access your geodatabase the following ArcGIS Desktop topic will guide you through setting up your Oracle listener.

Under Geodatabases in Oracle:
"Configuring the Oracle listener to access the geodatabase with SQL"
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We have about 20 SDE instances on an app server (corresponding to 20 oracle instances on the db server) and about 4 GDBs were using ST_Geometry and the others were not.  We got this message when trying to upgrade to ArcSDE 10 on both the GDB that WAS using ST_Geometry and the one that WASNT using it.  The message went away on both GDBs when we copied the for ArcSDE 10 to our oracle home, removing the older version.  I believe the message will show up whether you have ST_Geometry setup or not.  It's a message stating that the version of the ST_Geometry library file is not matching the SDE version.  On another note, the real issue I have is that on both GDB's, the upgrade tool in ArcCatalog gets to "Finished checking prerequisites." then starts getting real errors in red, that I cant figure out what to do:

Checked historical markers.
Finished checking prerequisites.
ArcSDE server tables and stored procedures are up to date.

<this is in RED!> DBMS table not found [ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
DBMS table not found [ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

Unpaused the database.
Failed to execute (UpgradeGDB).
Failed at Fri Oct 29 13:02:18 2010 (Elapsed Time: 1 minutes 18 seconds)
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Hi, Paul,

We need a bit more information to help you on this.

1) can you try this command and get the value of this parameter from your DBTUNE?

    sdedbtune -o list -u sde -k DEFAULTS -P XML_IDX_INDEX_TEXT -P ... -i ...

If you see its value like this, "TABLESPACE (any_name)", remove the config_string for the   XML_IDX_INDEX_TEXT parameter in the DEFAULTS keyword from the DBTUNE table, and try upgrade again.

2) if it is not the case, please attach your sde_setup.log. It can find it in your system TEMP directory.

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