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Cannot add WorldView tif/prj to Mosaic Dataset

07-20-2021 09:28 PM
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I just upgraded from QGIS to ArcGIS Pro and cannot seem to even display a raster. I have WorldView 2 MS and Pan images rectified by LandInfo in .tif, .prj, and .trw files. 

I created a New Mosaic Dataset WV2.gdb with product definition  WorldView 2.

After Add Rasters... I set Raster Type WorldView-2 and tried all the combinations of Processing Templates with the .tif and .prj files and get

Completed crawling 1 data source items. Added 0 mosaic dataset items.

Error: 8004205f: No new mosaic dataset item was added

for every possible option. 

Surely ArgGIS Pro can load a GeoTIFF file. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Thanks in advance for your help.

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from World files for raster datasets—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

It might be worth checking the section 

Set ArcGIS to read the world file first

maybe the *.tfw isn't being read

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