Can you make a similarity or dissimilarity matrix in ArcMap using values extracted to points?

04-15-2016 06:44 AM
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I have three habitat metrics (bathymetry, distance to seagrass, distance to mangroves) at different locations and would like to create a (Euclidean) similarity matrix.

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If your data were cast as categorical and in raster format, then you could use Combine—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop.  If your data are from tabular sources or from a table in a featureclass/shapefile, then reclassification and categorization is indeed possible.  There are simple solutions depending upon you level of comfort with existing arcmap tools, your available license, and/or you willness to work outside arcmap in numpy, scipy, pandas, matlab etc etc.

So you first task is to determine whether you are looking for a parametric or non-parametric statistical analysis, or simply a visual first approximation of spatial associations.  From there you could consider some of the tools in the spatial statistics toolset as a 2nd goto.

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Can you give us unfamiliar with the term "Euclidean similarity matrix" a simple description of what you're looking for? One sentence or less, please

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