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Can we work on Foxpro database in ArcGIS for desktop software?

03-12-2016 12:38 AM
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Can we work on Foxpro database in ArcGIS for desktop software directly?

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There doesn't seem to be a lot of support for Foxpro with ArcGIS. From looking through past forums, some questions were never answered and others had solutions that didn't work out:

How to join a external  database table for a feature class by a common key field

(there are links to arcscripts that appear to not really work?)

Maybe take a look at this article from Esri. It's for a much older version of ArcGIS but it may be helpful:

17152 - Unable to preview certain FoxPro tables in ArcCatalog using an OLE DB connection

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Thanks I will check it.

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I only had access to Pro yesterday, but was able to view and access a .dbf file directly (without any OLE DB connection file).  For testing purposes, I copied and renames a .dbf from a shape file, so it was a pretty clean file to begin with.  Just an fyi, for anyone wondering.  I did not check to see if editing was available.

The other option for .dbf files is to read them into Excel and would with them in that format.