Can SQL Server and Postgres live together

05-26-2011 01:28 AM
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I was wondering if anyone would give me some advice regarding installing SDE with multiple DBMS on the same server (Windows Server 2008).

We currently have SDE 9.2 running with SQL Server 2008 however a colleague would like to try Postgres on the same server.

Could anyone give me any advice before I start installing software, even if its don't do it! or point me in the direction of previous forum post or white papers I may have missed on my search.

Thank in advance.

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I run between three and eight ArcSDE instances on each machine under my control, usually
different versions (and/or service packs), and almost always at least two different database
products (my current laptop is running 10.0sp1 w/ Oracle 11g, 9.3.1sp2 w/ SQL-Server 2008,
10.0sp1 w/SQL-Server 2008. and 10.0sp1 w/ PostgresSQL 8.3.8), so yes they can live together.
BUT: Doing so is not supported, so you won't find any instructions (this is probably the most
relevant thread).

SQL-Server 2008 isn't supported with ArcSDE 9.2, either (2008 support was introduced at 9.3sp1).

- V
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Thanks Vince,

I'll give it a go and post back to the forum my experience.


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Hi DavidEdmunds, 

How is the experienced of having SQL and Postgre on same server? Are you facing any problem in terms of administration, performance, upgrade and etc. I am looking at building both DBMs on a same server for production use. 

Thanks in advance for the answer. 


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As mentioned it is possible to have 2 RDBMS's on the same server (I have them both on my machine for testing), but I would NOT recommend it for a production environment. There are many reasons not to do this.

It would be recommended to keep them on separate machines / VM's.

--- George T.
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