CAD to SHP/Feature class(FC)

05-30-2012 11:19 PM
by Anonymous User
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Original User: Shrey

Hello All,

   Can any one please guide me how to convert the DWG file to either SHP or the Feature class in the PGDB. Currently I am following the following steps

1. Open Arc Catlog.
2.Create a new Tool box, and click on the New>Spatial ETL Tool.
3.Selecting the source file as the DWG file.
4.Select the destination folder as the the ESRI GeoDatabase
5.Data Interoperability UI appears as the diagram attached below 1_CADtoSHP.
6. Then I click the "RUN Translation Tool".
7. Opening the data in the Visualizer, diagram (2_CADtoSHP) is attached for the same .
8.The problem I am facing is as you can see in the TOC in the above diagram ,suppose the LandMark will have the dimension FC  have multiple Dimension FC(ex. Dimension Line, Dimension point, Dimension Text etc ) but I want to merge all this feature class in to one feature class know as the dimension FC ,Gometry in one feature class, the Annotation Feature class in one feature class for the Landmark feature .
9. My question is can all the FC related to say Landmark ,can be put in one dataset  having the sub FC say Landmark Geometry,Landmark Dimension,Landmark Annotation etc.

Please tell, am I doing it in correct way or is there any other procedure to do the same.
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