Batch export then delete attachments from a feature class

08-15-2016 12:07 AM
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I found this script to Export Attachment from Attach table ( _ATTACH ) to Folder : How To: Batch export attachments from a feature class 

Now I need way to Delete attachment directly after export it, if there any script do that ( Export then delete ) please help me .

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the deletion part would have to be done separately, but would be easily accomplished by first creating a destination folder for all the attachment to be ddirected to... then deleting the folder and its contents at the end.  This is an example of something that isn't worth scripting unless you intend to do this day-in-day-out

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Hi Dan,

Thank you .

May be you don't get my point because I don't Explain it .

I won't to delete the Exported attachment, what I need is delete the attachment from attachment attribute (_ATTACH) after I Export it, 

And why I need Script for that ? because I need to run a tool Automatically on daily basis .

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Hi Nasserhinai,
I have the same problem. Did you solve ist?

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