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batch export attachments

07-26-2012 05:23 AM
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Is it possible to batch export attachments to a directory?


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any luck on this one Mark? ESRI we need a direction to tell us whether and when this function will be included. Thanks.
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As you can see, I have not had any replies to this thread but I still could really use this functionality. I had a request as early as last week from someone who needed to get all of their photos out of the geodatabase. All I can tell them is to go to each feature and save each photo one by one. They decided they didn't need them that badly.
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These are User Forums for user-to-user assistance; while Esri staff have a presence,
very few have the authority to speak for Esri.

If you want official contact with Esri, you need to go through official channels -- Either
Tech Support, or your local marketing office, or the site.

It seems like your task should be scriptable, but I'm not a Python scripter, so I can't
help you.

- V
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You might be interested in this thread:

Extract Feature Attachments

Kind regards, Xander

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