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07-12-2016 08:04 PM
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Working with Oracle 11gR2 and arcsde 10.1
I generally take backup of user schema using data pump utilities. Do i need to take backup of sde schema ? What situation this would be useful ?

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Hello Jaya,

It would be helpful to know a bit more about the database in question that you are performing backups on in regards to user and schema structure. That said, here is a good prior presentation covering a wealth of Oracle information- including a section on backups (slide / page 40):  Note- best practice is to backup all schemas- including SDE Schema. I hope this is helpful for you-


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Hello, Thanks for the reply and proceedings.

I want to know about sde schema corruption. What operations could cause that ?

How do i come to know that sde schema is corrupted...any error message ?

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ArcSDE schema must participate on backup process.

User Schema keeps all you data, but SDE schema keeps the system information for your schema (registation ids, fields, formats, versioning tables e.t.c).

After a database restore maybe some more steps needed in order to make the geodatabase work.

1. import sde schema

2. import data schema owner

3. compile all schemas (EXEC DBMS_UTILITY.COMPILE_SCHEMA(‘SDE’);)

4.  GRANT privileges to Public see below

     GRANT EXECUTE ON dbms_pipe TO public;

     GRANT EXECUTE ON dbms_lock TO public;

5. Finally try to rebuilt or better to re create spatial indexes.

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Thanks for the details.

How do i know that sde is corrupted and requires restore from backup ?

What operation could cause sde corruption ?

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