Automatically delete vertices on polygons, basing on the intersection with points

06-27-2014 03:36 PM
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Hi all!
I need to automatically remove some vertices (about 10000) on multiple polygons.
I know the exact position of these vertices I want to delete in the polygons and I created a point feature class of them.
I need to know if I can delete those vertices using the points file.
I created a little buffer around those points and used the buffer as "erase" in the erase tool, as described here:
I tried different buffers according to the dataset 's xy resoution...
Unluckly it didn't work.
Please, could you suggest me a better solution?
Thanks in advance
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I answer to myself!

Luckly Dan Iseminger from FME gave me an help.

Here attached is an FME workflow that solves my problem. I changed a little bit it inserting an "anchor snapper" transform to make the vertices coincide perfectly to the points and..... It works perfectly (ArcGIS 10.1)!!

Thanks again Dan!