Attribute table to multiple worksheets in single excel workbook based on field value

03-29-2017 04:34 AM
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I am having attribute table, would like to create multiple excel worksheet in single workbook. Each worksheet should be created based on the values in the specific field.

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Excel tools are somewhat limited... and perhaps rightly so, since it isn't the best platform to manage your data.  There are many options should you wish to follow the programming route (ie via python) but again, this would really depend whether the need to get to excel in your desired format is worth the effort.

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Requirement is to facilitate web user a one click option to generate summary and multiple worksheets in the same excel based on the frequency and unique values in the field.

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There is lots of stuff you can do with the xlrt module in python.

Just assemble the data as a list, then go from there.

See the bit on writing to excel ....

Some Python Snippets 


xlwt 1.2.0 : Python Package Index 

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