Attribute Assistant - GET_ADDRESS_USING_ARCGIS_SERVICE- Returns 400, Cannot perform query. Invalid query parameters Error

12-10-2021 09:40 AM
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Is there a max search distance for this attribute assistant parameter that would explain why we are getting a "400, Cannot perform query. Invalid query parameters error"?  The point feature is 350 ft away from the nearest address in our locator could this be the problem?  The documentation doesn't state that the search distance is configurable so I'm not sure what else could be the issue.

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Hello Matt-Huser,

Are you able to provide a screenshot or list the parameters you filled in?

From the documentation, I see a few potential error points:

  1. {Field Name} parameter: Must be a string. Is the field here a string data type?
  2. {Value Info} optional parameter:
    1. {URL to Locator}: Are you filling anything in here? If so, verify the URL.
    2. {WKID}: Are you trying to project the results to a particular coordinate system? Verify the WKID value.



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