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03-27-2014 11:44 AM
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This may be more of a Flex Viewer question but I thought I'd start here.  I have a SDE feature class where I am adding attachments.  First of all, the process is very slow and tedious.  Second, the relate is done by Attachment ID and Related Object ID.  Neither of these make any sense to the end user.  For instance when I open the attachment from my Flex Viewer web app the ending of the url is MapServer/6/4474/attachments/3315  where 4474 is the Related Object ID and 3315 is the Attachment ID.  This is troublesome as there are multiple attachments for each object and with only the ID's this is troublesome.  My other question is are the BLOBs just binary files that cannot be accessed externally without exporting them?  In other words, there is no file path for the attachments only the file name?  So I can modify the attachment all I want on the file system and it will not change what is "attached" to the feature class?  The documentation on this is a little sparse.
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