Asset Management / Asset Repository in Canada

12-14-2015 08:58 AM
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The Town of Westlock is interested in having a discussion regarding Asset Management at the asset repository level (asset inventory).  The Town's GIS division is currently working on data collection as part of asset management and are interested in knowing what other Canadian Municipalities are doing. 

What are your policies and procedures?

Do you have your asset repository complete?

What assets were/are being collected, what attributes for each asset and to what detail, ie. down to warranty level?

Are you/will you break the road network at all intersections?

How will buried utilities be handled (water, sanitary, storm, gas)?   Are they segmented based on road intersections? How are section replacements treated when it may not take in the whole segment?

With regards to facilities, to what detail will they be taken?  Warranty level?

How will your fleet be inventoried? 

We look forward to gaining insight from other Municipalities on their world of asset repository based on asset management.

Thanking you in advance for your participation.

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What municipalities have you contacted?

Are you interested in only places of similar size?

Have you contacted Esri Canada to discuss what options are available in terms of data and data collections models are being used by other municipalities?

Is all your data collection done in house?

I would begin with some discussions with targeted municipalities within your region and/or ones that might share similar issues.

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Thank you for your reply Dan.

I certainly have been in discussions with numerous other Alberta municipalities and many have very similar questions as to what I have asked.

The Town of Westlock is interested in hearing from any Municipality that has been working on their asset collection. 

I have researched ESRI and have a standard geodatabase template downloaded.  Through discussion other Municipalities have started with the template and deleted the portions they did not require.

The Town of Westlock will be completing the data collection in-house.

Thus to compliment my discussion with the targeted Alberta municipalities I have chosen this forum to reach out to other municipalities not necessarily within Alberta.

Cheers 😃

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on our city's website City of Ottawa , there is an extensive GIS presence and they have an asset management strategy plan Comprehensive Asset Management | City of Ottawa  from 2012.  GIS is not mentioned explicitly, but I know from current and former students and local Esri reps, that they have a very extensive GIS division.  You might want to give them a buzz, since it is unlikely that they follow GeoNet unless they have a particular issue. I will put out a prod from my end.

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I work for the City of Ottawa and yes Danny is correct that our Asset management group uses GIS extensively. They were working with GIS before many of the geodatabase templates came out so do not necessarily follow those published. We do make use of many of the tools that Esri creates though (attribute assistant, utility editing tools, etc.).

Feel free to inbox me with any questions you might have.


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Alison, would you please email me directly at

Thank you 😃

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