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08-31-2014 03:14 PM
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I am working with OracleSpatial data management using enterprise ArcSDE connection.

For incremental updates I use FME to create and upload the updated data to SDE that takes over the previous dataset.


As most of the users stay connected, I am unable to delete/replace and update the data sets.


So, is there a way to see the connected users to SDE ?

If yes, can I stop the users access to feature datasets while I update ?

Will that be straight through SDE or through Oracle service shutdown ?


I used various resources, but in all cases certain administrative rights block the access.


will appreciate the solutions.

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  • What is the version of ArcGIS Desktop and ArcSDE gdb that you are using?
  • What is the complete version of the Oracle database?

It is indeed possible to check which users are causing locks on the data and disconnect those users OR remove the locks, however in case they are in an edit session, the edits will be lost. So its always better to inform your users previously.

In case you are using ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 or later release, these administrative tasks (list connections, disconnect connections, remove locks, etc) can be performed using Desktop itself.

Removing connections from a geodatabase in Oracle:

ArcGIS Help 10.1

The geodatabase administrator in Oracle:

ArcGIS Help 10.1

The following tags may help in attracting a broader audience to help you with your questions in the future:

sde administration‌geodatabase‌managing_data‌ geodatabase administration‌enterprise gis sde‌sde command line tools‌

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Thanks for help and support.

I am doing the same, but didn’t succeed. Hope it’s an issue with server settings and privileges granted as an Administrator.

Working out with IT to resolve the issue.


Saini GS

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since you mentioned that the users edits has to be loaded in order to update the ArcSDE DB FCs so Where does the users perform their edits? is it a personal GDB or Enterprise ArcSDE.

are you using versioned editing environment?

please clarify... because your question is not clear

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I see that you are aware about the process of disconnecting users (as you have mentioned that you are trying the same). In case you lack some permissions, you should be getting an error - Insufficient Permissions.

Anyway, please look in the following link where apart from the permissions for being a - GeoDatabase Administrator (which includes CREATE SEQUENCE, CREATE SESSION, CREATE TABLE, CREATE TRIGGER, CREATE PROCEDURE)  you will also need to grant - ALTER SYSTEM and SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE.

Please refer the following web-link

User Privileges for GeoDatabase in Oracle (Common Optional Privileges table)

ArcGIS Help 10.1

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