ArcSDE: Editing properties of enterprise feature class (SQL),

11-14-2014 12:30 AM
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ArcSDE: Editing properties of enterprise feature class (SQL),

I couldn’t figure out if there is a robust technique by which editing the properties of the enterprise geodatabase, enterprise feature class or enterprise table can be done easily.

At the moment, I used to “disconnect” users in order to be able to do the editing. This is a very exhaustive approach as sometime, and after doing the edits, they are not taken by the system.


Which approach do we still have to apply the edits easily?

Thank you



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Changing the datamodel while people are accessing the data can lead to unpredictive results. Therefore ArcCatalog places a lock while the table/feature class is used.

The most robust approach: think, rethink and then create and finalize the data model before using it in production. Changes can be made in a test environment and after testing deployed on the production environment in maintenance time (not during production hours).

Another note: all users are connected as schema-owner DBO. You can also create seperate users in the database and grant read/write privileges via roles to the users. Then you can identify who is locking the table and give him a call instead of disconnecting the user.

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Thank you Pieter for the very useful input.

All what I wanted to do is to find easy way to do some editing on the properties of the enterprise geodatabase\ enterprise feature class

I couldn’t figure out how to take the advantages of the connection\locks tabs to accomplish such task. All what they offer is “disconnecting user” and just after a second the enterprise environment get not-editable.

What might the “locks” tab indicate for? Can it be used to offer an easy environment to edit the properties of the enterprise geodatabase?




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