ArcMap Query Layer results do not match ArcSDE Table or SMSS SDE Table View

06-13-2017 08:36 AM
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I am working in a versioned database (SQL Server 2012, ArcMap 10.4). When I view the table in ArcMap or Catalog I see 17 rows of data. When I create a query layer based on this table, it returns 15 rows of data AND the data that it returns is old data. Specifically, its returning 1 row of data that has been removed, and is not returning 3 new rows of data that have been created. The table with the correct data is the same database and version that I am creating the query layers against.

Correct Data: Connected to the database with transaction version 'Edits'

Incorrect Data and Inputs:

Connected to the same database inwhich the properties of that DB are set to point to the 'Edits' version.

NOTE: I have also done the query so that the table name is appended with the view (uusd.dbo.das_antenna_info_evw) and I get the same results. I have also tried creating the query layer by going to File > Add Data > Add Query Layer

If I go into SMSS and query the table view (table_name_evw) I get the correct records back, but if I query table directly I get the incorrect results - the results that I'm getting back with the query layer

Whats going on here?

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When you are using Versioned Data, query the Versioned Views for the latest records.

The Base\Business Tables will not have all the recent edits unless you have perform a Compress. The compress moves the recent edits from the Delta Tables (a- & d- Tables) into the Base table.

What is a versioned view?—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

When you query a versioned view, you can see the data in the base (business) table and the edits that are stored in the delta tables.

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Thanks Asrujit - but I was querying the versioned view. Yet the query layer was still creating a layer based on the base table. I've figured out that if I unregister the table as versioned it works but that's starting to creating some other issues when viewing data on AGOL. I'm still problem solving that part of it.

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