ArcMap how to edit/show only editable fields

09-25-2014 07:43 AM
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Hello everyone,

This is a question for ArcMap 10.0

When editing a feature class in ArcMap I would like only to give access and show to the editor the fields that are editable.

Some fields in the feature:

  • could be calculated using for example the Esri Attribute Assitant  - - where for example the Municipality code could be calculated,
  • have default values that do not change,
  • are calculated after other fields are populated , for example concatenating a Township Range Sextion number with a sequential number to build an ID
  • system fields such as created date, modified date, created by, modified by are populated by program.

Is there a way to hide the fields on a data entry form instead of the attributes editor?


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Attributes tempates:  ArcGIS Desktop

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