Arcmap 10.1 Streaking in exported colored hillshade.

12-10-2013 11:37 AM
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I am currently working on creating a colored hillshade through various functions on the image analysis toolbar. I'm basically following this this tutorial from the esri blog:  http:// I'm creating a colored hillshade through pan sharpening for 3 counties in northern California, and after I get a nice looking colored hillshade and go to export the data as a tiff I end up with a raster with streaks of lighter and darker values. As I understand this streaking is due to how Arcmap breaks up rasters for export. One work about I found was to export by data frame, but this ends up with a 100 gb map.

I was hoping someone has a solution to my exporting problems that ends with a map as close to my image analysis created map as possible. The pre export map is the first picture I've attached, and the second attachment is the post export.

I'm using Arcmap 10.1 with an advance license.

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For those of you that are interested, I found a solution. Take the original DEM you are working with before converting to a Hillshade and before creating symbology. Run Spatial Analyst> Neighborhood>Focal Statistics use your original DEM as the input file and select a 9 by 9 rectangle. From there use the focal statistics layer to create the hillshade and to create a color map for you hillshade. I have no idea why or how this worked, but I do know it worked. I would appreciate an explanation on the nuts and bolts of why this worked if anyone has one, but for now I'm satisfied.
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