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Arcmap 10.1 - 'Export Map' window error (WINDOWS 8)

12-17-2013 08:39 PM
New Contributor
(I really hope its the right place for this post)
Lately i've been using the 'Export Map' a lot, to create jpeg images and PDF's for my boss who doesn't use arcmap.
In one of the times I accidently pressed on this tiny arrow that minimizes your export type options (pdf,jpg, etc.)
and even the resolution changing option is gone.
All I can do now, is export a jpeg file without the abillity to change the resolution.
I have windows 8 on my laptop, maybe its a part of the problem.

thank you,

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New Contributor
whoever is having the same probleme - in the window - press Tab and then Space repeatedly until
the type, resolution option are appeared
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