Archiving changing domain values in one GDB (suggestions?)

06-09-2014 02:42 PM
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I am working on organizing an annual archive of our datasets (annual feature datasets within one geodatabase...ArcSDE 10.2.x) .  I have quite a complex set of domain files that occasionally change.  I just finished major update in my master, and still have a separate GDB with the "older" set.  Each archived set has the same field names and associated domains.

Before I update the domains in my Archive SDE database, anyone know or have a suggested "easy" way to assign the older domain values to the associated fields instead of keeping them in a domain table?  I see a bit a discussion of getting the value to a table (FCtoFC in 10.2.x) but not within a FC. 

I've thought about changing the name of the archived domains by adding a year designation, but with about 75 potential domains (some broken down but subtype) for each year, this would become an administration nightmare fairly quickly.  Since, in theory, the archived data should not change, hard coding the domain informtaion for the archive may not be a bad option, at least for most of the  "shorter" field lengths.....assuming this is something I can automate (with python/arcpy).  Just looking for suggestions or samples if anyone has come accross this.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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