ARCGIS Mobile and Spatial Views

06-03-2015 09:09 PM
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Hi guys,

We are currently running 10.3 of ARCMap and ARCCatalog, we
ae also running 10.2.2 of ARCGIS Mobile.

We now use Spatial Views on a lot of our Feature Classes. We
use Map services, which both GeoCortex and our Mobile Projects link to.

For some reason, ARCGIS Mobile does not like Spatial Views,
it will not show up any of the Data (Geometry or attributes).

Have you guys come across this or know of a fix, so that we
can pull the Spatial Views in. Currently we can only view the for e.g parcel
details (Lot, Plan, Size) But cannot
bring in the Owners Details (which is required) etc, due to them being
part of the Spatial Views.

Your help is appreciated

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