Arcgis imagery for Autocad

01-12-2015 11:00 AM
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I have Arcgis for Autocad and am using it. I would like only 30cm resolution world images, even when zooming out to a very large area, as if I am inserting 30cm resolution images. I do not want the resolution of the world image to change even if I change the scale of the the Autocad viewport. Any suggestions.



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The World Imagery is a service configured by the service owner.  The way it behaves is the result of the configuration.  Most times, the consumer of the service cannot change much.  In my experience with regard to the services provided by Esri, you wont be able to modify the behavior.

You could subscribe to a premium imagery service for a fee, such as Hexagon and you will have more control.

Go to the ArcGIS Marketplace and search Hexagon Imagery Program for additional details, and a free trial option if you want to test.

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The World Imagery and other maps found in the Esri Maps gallery are a map services.  Map Services in ArcGIS for AutoCAD are optimized for fast background dynamic display.  Based on your screen resolution ArcGIS for AutoCAD is going to fetch an image that looks good on the screen.  When you zoom in you get a higher resolution image to cover your screen.  When you zoom out you get more area covered by the same resolution of image but at a different scale.   If you want to stop the Automatic residing of the image you can zoom in and then set the Map Services properties to display ON DEMAND rather than DYNAMIC that way no matter how far you zoom in or out you'll have the same image size and resolution.  You may want to cover more area.  In that case you would need to make a separate reference to the same map service to also set it to ON DEMAND and have it cover a different area.   All of the Esri Maps Map Service can also be found here by making a connection to the Online Server ( /ArcGIS/services/).  Here is another ArcGIS Online server you can connect to...(  each with lots of useful content.  There is a bonus tool on ArcGIS Online and companion video on YouTube that automates this process to cover larger areas with multiple map services at higher resolutions.

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