ArcGIS and Oracle RAC

04-13-2021 01:11 PM
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Hi, we are planning a proof of concept ArcGIS 10.8 project and our DBMS would be Oracle 19c (
For the first phase we don’t need TAF failover option.

I’m looking for a compatibility matrix for ArcGIS and Oracle RAC and I found only this note here

"Support for the Oracle Exadata Database Machine is based on Oracle guidance that OEM software that supports both Oracle Linux and Oracle RAC is compatible with Oracle Exadata"

My question is: does ArcGIS supports Oracle RAC (we're not interested in Exadata) and where can I find the official Esri page?

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This may be best answered by Technical Support case.

I have had clients in the past use Oracle RAC with no issues. 

--- George T.