ArcGIS 10.5.1 slow perfomance

09-06-2017 07:54 AM
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I updated to ArcGIS 10.5.1 on Windows 7 Professional. I am experiencing slow connections with data on ArcMap. When I click on any item on the table of content to change color etc, the response is extremely slow which was not the case when on 10.4 or 10.5. Does anyone have a clue why it might be so?

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Same, with one exception.  I am running Windows 10 Pro.  The computer is a Dell Precision M6500. 

ArcMap, in general, takes a long time to load (before choosing MXD).  Upwards of 1-2 minutes.  If opening from MXD it's more like 2-3 minutes.  Forget it (10 minutes or never) if one of the basemaps from the internet is inaccessible.  Did not have this problem in 10.3.x.  If a source was disconnected, it would show a red "!" and be done with it.  

Just a little background, I am not a noobie.  I have been using ArcGIS since ArcView 3.x.   I know all the common tricks and tweaks to get the program to run quicker as suggested by ESRI several tutorials throughout the years.  Also, I understand latency on local computer vs. network (domain) sources.  

Some specifics when I get into an MXD and/or build a brand new MXD:

Opening properties on any layer in the table of contents takes 30-60 seconds (regardless of source)

Zoom to layer in the table of contents takes 30-60 seconds and goes unresponsive (regardless of source)

Zooming back to the previous extent... same as above...

Georeferencing goes unresponsive for at least 2 minutes when adding the first control point, after that unresponsive for 30-60 seconds for each additional point.  The source is a network drive in most cases.  

Editing is the same latency as georeferencing.  Shapefile and geodatabase alike.   

I haven't upgraded the other computers in the office (newer Dell Precisions) from 10.3.1 because 10.5.1 is unusable due to the speed of simple tasks.  My computer is always the "litmus test."  If the new version works on my computer is usually works on the others.  

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ArcMap, in general, takes a long time to load (before choosing MXD).  Upwards of 1-2 minutes.

This itself indicates something is wrong. I know you mentioned that you have tried all the common tricks and tweaks, but it will help if you list what all steps have you tried till now. So that if you missed something, others can chip in..

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Tried everything here... 

Also, in the past the background geoprocessing program was quirky, so I didn't bother installing it until today.  It didn't do anything to help.  

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Exact same issue with 10.6/Windows 10, the long wait to open the properties dialog is killing me.

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I'm now seeing exactly the same issue after being moved to Win 10 in ArcMap 10.6.1

This is absolute murder!!!!

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Have you guys had any success in fixing your issue? I too am experiencing really slow performance.

I installed ArcMap 10.5.1 on Win10 Pro on a brand new machine, no previous version on the HDD. Arc loads fairly fast, probably faster than with previous versions (my new machine is also much faster), but when I try to select a bunch of features from a .shp file the whole process grinds to a hold.

So far I have tried setting the TEMP folder to c:/Temp and I reset the %APPDATA%\ESRI folder. but neither of those worked.

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Not really, no.  Like I said, I tried the typical "speed up" recommendations from the support blog.  For my typical tasks, the speeds are in a tolerably slow range.  I have not upgraded my other computers from 10.3.1.  They still seem to work properly.  If it ain't broke...

I predominately use shapefiles from a shared drive on our domain network.  Some are from a CD or a local drive depending on the MXD.  There is one SDE geodatabase we use so we can all edit certain layers at once.  Source and type don't seem to matter much in my tests.  

Except, I know it is touchy with certain IMS basemaps, especially if they are down (ArcMap 10.5.1 will grind on forever in an unresponsive state until I forcefully crash it).  Ours come from a server at Penn State University.  I can tell when their servers (or at least IMS services) are down because certain MXDs will be completely locked up when I try to open them.  Also, make sure you don't have old ESRI basemaps.  It's best to delete them from your MXD and reload them with the add button.  Seems like the "time out" sequences are broken for IMS basemaps, but what do I know...

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Ahh, too bad. All my data is on my local drive and I don't even have any basemaps on. And yet still ridiculously slow. Might have to call a service tech when I get the chance. I'll report back when I find out more... 

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My situation is slow starts too.

It now takes over FIVE MINUTES to start ArcMap on Windows 10 Pro "Start" means launching -> Splash screen says "Initializing" for about 3 minutes and then "Loading Document" for another 2 minutes. (It's not loading an MXD, not sure what "document" it's loading)

On the same computer I can launch ArcGIS Pro in 12 seconds.

I can launch ArcCatalog in less than 4 seconds.

I can launch QGIS 2.18 in under 5 seconds.

Only ArcMap has problems.

Fortunately once it's launched,  ArcMap performance is fine. 

I use this machine for testing and learning at home. If I had this problem at work it would a critical issue and I'd be on the phone.

This morning I launched ArcMap and while I was waiting I launched ArcGIS Pro 2.0, it told me there was an update, I downloaded and installed the update, and relaunched Pro, then started a new project. All while waiting for ArcMap to start! Sometimes I move on to another task and forget that ArcMap is actually launching.

I had a personal license (single use) Advanced level on this machine. Today I tried switching it out for my

developer license (single use) Basic level copy of 10.6 pre-release. NO CHANGE

When I first set the machine up back in September it was fine. After using it for a couple weeks it slowed down.

Tried everything here : Troubleshooting Slow Performance in ArcGIS Desktop | Support Services Blog 

1. Rebooting Well of course, it's been a couple months so I have rebooted many times, NO CHANGE

2. Meeting minimum requirements: YES --  Windows 10 Pro, Intel Core i9 with 10 cores, 512GB NVME drive, 64GB of RAM

3. Is the behavior MXD specific? No, it happens before loading an MXD

4. Is the behavior data specific? NO see #3

5. Does this happen on other machines? Not on the 2 other Windows 7 machines I use.

6. Does this happen if you log in with a different User Profile? YES, tried this today NO CHANGE

7. Does this happen with local data? Not an issue since it happens before loading a map.

8. Rename your local template. NO CHANGE

9. Are you up to date with service packs. YES

10. Is My Documents on a local drive? YES, and it's a fast NVME drive.

11. Check for 3rd party tools. NONE

12. Are you using a continual virus scan? NO

13  Do you  have any drivers that need updating? Checked NVIDIA driver, it's up to date. Tried turning off hardware acceleration in ArcMap, too, no change. 

14. Redirect your temporary folders and optimize your Virtual Memory

Set TMP and TEMP to C:\Temp NO CHANGE (they were on C: already so I did not expect any change)

I don't understand the other part of this suggestion and think it might be a pre Win 10 thing:

  1. Under performance, click Settings.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. For Virtual Memory, select Change.
  4. Select System managed size > OK.

Open to more suggestions -- thanks --