Appending data to Feature Classes in/with Topologies

04-20-2015 11:50 AM
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This is a question based on an error message, but also is meant to gain more insight about working with topologies. I've created a feature dataset with several road feature classes (I'll call one layer_to_append_rows_to) , and am comparing them to an older version of those datasets (old_roads) outside of the feature dataset, using a topology to help spot and eliminate gaps in the roads. I am using ArcMap version 10.2.2, and when I attempt to append selected roads from old_roads to the layer in the feature dataset, it spits out a

999999: Error executing function message

"Objects in this class cannot be updated outside an edit session [layer_to_append_rows_to]"

You also cannot delete data from the feature class while it has a topology. So I'm curious if anyone knows why you cannot append or delete data in feature classes while they have a topology based off of them - is it a legitimate error/unacceptable process within the Feature Dataset/Topology functionality or is it something occurring because the feature dataset or topology was not created correctly? I was able to create a layer from selected features in old_roads then merge layer_to_append_rows_to without errors, but that creates a new layer outside of the feature dataset.

If that was unclear, processes in ArcMap went as followed:

1) add old_roads to layers, contains road segments

2) create feature dataset

3) import table layer_to_append_rows_to, which has gaps with missing roads

4) create topology based on "no dangles" rule for layer_to_append_rows_to

5) add both topology and table in feature dataset to layers

6) identify gap to be filled, select road segment from old_roads

7) use append tool with NO_TEST, old_roads selected rows as input, layer_to_append_rows_to as output

😎 see error message

Any insights would be much appreciated.

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You should be able to append and delete with topology tables. It could be you have to turn off the option to instantly validate your edits.

However, some times I am required to be in an edit session to do geometry or field calculations. Whether this is due to relationships or topologies in those files would be hard for me to test.

As a better workaround, you can essentially append within an edit session by using the Load Objects (aka Simple object loader),

which is an older append tool for ArcMap or ArcCatalog.

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