Appending Data periodically to a SDE Feature Class

05-10-2015 06:45 PM
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Hi all,

I'm pretty new to this but we have a ArcGIS database with many Feature Classes.

I have one Feature Class with around 65,000 objects which I want to update on a monthly basis.

I need to be able to compare records from one month to the other.

What is the best practise to do this?

I was thinking of utilising a date-loaded field so that I can compare the months?

Or should I be using versioning?

The Feature Class will eventually have > 1,000,000 records if I keep appending new monthly data to this feature class each month.

I am hoping to compare changes in objects across many months.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Why don't you just enable editor tracking?

This provides created / edited dates and users automatically.

See here :

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Good point…thanks.

I guess I’m worried that with months of updates (potentially years and appending lots of objects ~ 60K each time) might cause some speed issues to the Database down the track?

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Best practice is to only change the objects that really change.  I'd use a parallel table which is truncated with each new batch, then only add new records and update changed ones.  This will require a unique key which is not the rowid column (something in the data).  Archive History may also be of use.

- V