Anyone using Attribute Assistant to archive retired features?

06-27-2017 08:59 AM
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Hi all, 

My organization, Iowa DOT, is looking to start using Attribute Assistant to help with the automation of data management in some of our databases. One of the biggest "wants" we have of AA is using it to archive features/users/attachments. Has anyone done this? Is it possible with the current methods? I am looking to get input of whether to wait for new AA releases or just writing my own scripts to do it.


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Charcey, I converted this to a question vs a "discussion" so it will get more views and more likely more comments.

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You could use the Copy features to the archive-retired feature class.  Not sure about users and attachments.  Do you want to delete the feature once it's archived?  If so, maybe trigger an update to a field called Delete and then go back and select Delete = X and delete them out....

That should just about do it....
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