Alternate Storage For Web Layers

03-09-2021 08:03 AM
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Good Morning Everyone,

I am creating a parcel information web map and web app for a county with about 546,000 parcels.

I am wondering if there is a way or a link to documentation about hosting a web layer on a server different from ESRI, that way I save on using storage credits. I have an ArcPro Basic License and am curious if this is possible to do with my basic license.

I want to store this data on an alternative server because my big parcel dataset has difficulty loading once it is made to a web map and web app.

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Portal | ArcGIS Enterprise might be of your interest. It is a component of ArcGIS Enterprise. A license of ArcGIS Enterprise Standard would be required (minimum).

It can be deployed at your own premises or cloud.

Hosted Web Layers | Portal

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The ArcGIS Online Premium Data Store sounds like it would be a good option, although it does come with a cost so it really depends on how much data is involved. From a performance perspective, you can publish Tile Layers from your hosted Feature Layer to have performant layers when zoomed out. You can connect the underlying attributes so users can still click and get info.