Allow users to access some database versions only.

04-02-2014 12:29 AM
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Hi everyone !

I have 2 questions about Database versioning:

1. Is it normal where you drag and drop a feature class/dataset, it gets assigned as a dbo.DEFAULT version even if the user connected is not supposed to access it ? What I am missing here through my versions creation is maybe how to assign a version exclusively to a user? please advice! (Ref. users not dbo.png)

2. (Related to 1) Is it normal that the same connected user(who is not the Database Administrator(dbo)) as simple user has the right to switch between versions ?What if the dbo doesn't want him to do it? What is the procedure? (Ref. switchversions.png)
and even after switching to the version assigned to the user, he could switch to dbo.DEFAULT which is a I think a task that should be exclusive to the database administrator only... Please kindly advice !

Important Notes/Technical Spec.:
- ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 SP1/SDE.
- Users/permissions configured/managed from MS SQL Server 2008 R2 and not from ArcGIS Desktop.
- Versions created successfully.
- All users versions have been created as Protected versions.
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The assigning of the versions in the ArcMap session depends on how your database connection has been setup. If your database Connection is pointing to the Default version, then when you add data into your ArcMap session, it will automatically connect to the Default version as well.

While setting up the database connections, you can set which version it will connect to in the "Geodatabase Connection Properties".

Connecting to a specific geodatabase version:

As for your second question, you cannot stop an user from trying to switch versions. Your versions have an access level of "Protected", which prevents a non-owner from editing in that version, but doesn't prevent other users from connecting and having a look at it.
Protected: Any user may view the version, but only the owner or the geodatabase administrator may edit datasets in the version or the version itself.

Creating versions and setting permissions:
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