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08-01-2014 01:49 PM
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I have an address locator for our center line that works wonderful.  However, I am needing to update it.  I made a copy just in case.  I am building the new locator with same exact inputs, settings etc and the locator is not working properly.  I go to search for address using the find tool or the geocoding toolbar, and it says address not found.  I am using 10.2.  Is there an environment setting that i need to change?  Please note the reference data is the same data.

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I would suggest going through the steps outlined in the following technical article, 40678 - Dual Ranges address locators created with ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1 and higher do not return m....


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This was a very helpful KB article, as there was no rhyme or reason why a new dual range address locator would not work on road centerline data that has been associated with an ArcGIS v9.3 address locator for over 8 years.

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The help tip worked great.  Went from no matches to only 17 unmatched out of 371 and those were bad address inputs.

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I just got bitten by that "gotcha" the other day; created a new locator (10.5.1) for a quick project that wouldn't return anything.  Pulled my hair out and ran the addresses against an existing one.  Saw your post and just remembered....

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That should just about do it....
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