Address Inputs With City/State When Locator Refrence Data Has No Zone Information

02-23-2015 08:48 AM
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We have a point address locator (built off of an ESRI template we got from a white paper some time ago) for handling point addresses with unit numbers. It works quite well for our needs, one thing in particular that we like is how it matches addresses whether or not they have a City/State as part of the address. This is an important feature; as our address reference data (both points and block ranges) does not include any City/State information to be mapped as a zone for the locator templates.

For Example, if we input "144 Tichenor Av" (a valid address in the reference data); it will return that address with a score of 100. Now if we input "144 Tichenor Av, Auburn, AL"; the locator returns "144 Tichenor Av" with a score of 90. It appears to treat the City/St information as a spelling hit on the score, but will still return the valid address.

The issue has arisen is that our line locator is built off the default USAddress Dual-Range template included with ArcGIS. With the line locator built from this template, any address that is input with a City/State at the end of the string will return no matches; even if the street number and street parts of the string are valid for a good address in the reference data. In conversations with Tech Support they indicated that this is expected behavior from the USAddress templates due to the fact that our reference data has no zone information. Also, in their opinion our point locator is working "incorrectly" when it returns matches that do have the City/State as part of the input address string. While that might be the case from a design standpoint; for our needs this is exactly how we need our locators to function.

Has anyone had any luck in customizing the default USAddress templates to "disregard" City/State parts of an address string and return matches; instead of this default functionality of not returning any matches in this case? I have tried commenting out various parts of the zone information in the XML template; but this usually results in a locator that will not match any addresses. Admittedly, I am very new to customizing locators at the XML schema level though.


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Seems like there was a lengthy discussion some time ago on Geocoding with Apartment designators: Jeff, weren't you part of that?

That should just about do it....
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Joe Borgione‌,

Yes, it was a question about customizing a locator to geocode on apartments, suites and units.   Locator Style for Apt or Units

Agatha Wong‌ says there is a US Single House Subaddress locator style available with 10.3.

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