Adding new field to existing ArcGIS report

01-25-2017 02:36 PM
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I spent couple of hours creating report from scratch using report wizard adding only certain fields of feature class that I would like to see on that report. I save and close report.

A few weeks later I realized that I needed an additional field added to the existing report.

I was only able to achieve this by re-creating report from scratch and adding the missing field at the beginning. This can be really time consuming.

Is there a way to add new field to existing report?

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Give 'loading a report' a shot Loading a report—Help | ArcGIS Desktop because it says...

Loading a report allows you to make changes to the existing design of a report. This makes it easy to add additional fields, footnotes, or images to a report without having to create a report from the wizard each time you want to make a modification

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I think the only way to Add field is creating a new report, however Dan link says add additional fields .

This fields is for layout and not attribute fields.

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Agreed, the report designer doesn't let you add brand-new fields to the report - ones that weren't originally chosen to be available during setup with the report wizard.

As a workaround, I was able to open up the ".rlf" and add additional available fields by imitating the syntax for existing fields under the headings <SourceFields> and <ReportFields>:

   <Field Name="OBJECTID" SafeName="OBJECTID" Type="6" SortAsc="True" />
   <Field Name="GlobalID" SafeName="GlobalID" Type="10" SortAsc="True" />
   <Field Name="Street_Number" SafeName="Street_Number" Type="4" SortAsc="True" />
   <Field Name="Street_Name" SafeName="Street_Name" Type="4" SortAsc="True" />
   <Field Name="SORT" SafeName="SORT" Type="0" SortAsc="True" />
   <Field Name="MAP" SafeName="MAP" Type="4" SortAsc="True" />
   <Field Name="PHOTO" SafeName="PHOTO" Type="4" SortAsc="True" />
   <Field Name="Street_Name" />
   <Field Name="Street_Number" />
   <Field Name="SORT" />
   <Field Name="MAP" />
   <Field Name="PHOTO" />
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I'm using ArcGIS 10.0 if that matters and no Dan, the link you suggested does not help. Because once you load existing report I can't find the way how to add new field. May be ArcGIS 10 does not support that functionality

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Perhaps, the help is for 10.5.. other versions can be accessed on the main help page, but I am not sure if 10.0 is even listed anymore

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