added data to mosaic not visible in image service

09-16-2020 05:42 AM
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I am facing to problem related to mosaic dataset-

(1) When I am adding data to mosaic dataset, processing shows 'completed successfully' but when I analyse the attribute table, not all the data from folder being added to dataset. How to resolve such issue?

(2) After adding data to dataset. it is visivle in attribute table but not visible in image service to related mosaic dataset. I have check overview, path and other given work around mentioned in help. #mosaic #dataset #arcpro #addRaster #image_service

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Hi Vardan

About the first issue I would try to find a raster that was not added and try to understand why. Maybe problem with the spatial reference or with the raster format.

About the second issue if the added images changes the boundary the service must be restarted.

Have fun

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thanks Mody

I am having my data in .jp2 format and spacial reference is epsg 4326, it used to work properly earlier but after arcgis pro 2.6 I started facing it, event in Arcmap 10.8, I am facing same problem.

for image service problem, I think it worked.

 Please suggest more.

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