Add Geometry Attributes - line bearing - 0 bearings are <Null> in a geodatabase feature class, but not in a shapefile??

03-09-2018 06:54 AM
New Contributor II

Could anyone clarify for me why when adding line bearings to line features with the Add Geometry Attributes tool (Add Geometry Attributes—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop), if I run the tool on a line shapefile, lines oriented true north have the bearing 0, as the tool help suggests; however, when I run the same tool on the same set of features, but saved as a line feature class in a geodatabase, true north lines have a bearing of <Null>? 

Is there a way around this?  For further processing in other software, the Nulls in the exported attribute tables cause these fields to be read as factors (in R), causing other headaches!     

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