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08-22-2016 02:20 AM
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I have created a feature class using ArcGIS.
I want to add some columns using Oracle SQL alter table statement.
This works fine for me.
I want to know whether it is acceptable practice ?

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As long as your ALTER doesn't affect any of the ArcGIS fc required fields it will be fine

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Its works and acceptable in ArcGIS/GIS software.

But when you trying to create new use same process.


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I get a sense you are new to ArcGIS, or at least new to working with Esri enterprise geodatabases.  There are lots of risks using SQL to directly manipulate database objects in enterprise geodatabases.  I don't mean edit the data in the objects, which can be risky in certain situations too, but changing the structure of the objects.  For example, is the data versioned?  If so, editing the base table using an SQL statement will cause a disconnect between the base table, add & delete tables, and any versioned views that have already been created.  If the data isn't versioned, it reduces the risk, but there are still changes that can be made using SQL that will break some part of the geodatabase.

SQL and enterprise geodatabases

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Thanks to all

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