999999 while using WFSToFeatureClass_conversion

3 weeks ago
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ArcMap 10.8.1


I am trying to setup a script to extract data from a WFS web service and load it into an sde geodatabase. I do not control the WFS web service, I merely have access to it. I do not have the Interoperability extension. Username and password are required. I have accessed this service successfully from qGIS so I know that my credentials, URL, and type are all correct.


WFSToFeatureClass_conversion looks like the tool that I need but I have not been able to use it successfully with this service. I have tried various approaches and generally I get an error 999999, which tells me nothing. Here is my function call with identifying information obfuscated:



Can anyone provide assistance on either the right way to do this call or how I can get meaningful information to troubleshoot with?

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