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24078 layers data source is not supported

01-21-2020 03:25 AM
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Hello all,

I have made connection between ArcGIS Pro and an oracle database,

this oracle database was in another server,

I have a layer called Incidents, when I try to publish as web layer I got the following warning

"24078 layers data source is not supported."

any help please?

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Thank you Asrujit SenGupta,

yes I have checked it, there is two suggestion,

1-Replace the unsupported data source with a supported database feature class. 

2-Do nothing. The layer will be excluded from the web layer, web map, or web scene and the sharing process will continue.

I don't understand what should I do in first option, why my data source is not supported?

my table is a view in oracle has a column of type SDO_GEOMETRY(special column).

is this view not supported?

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