10.5 to 10.2.2 tile cache compatability?

08-08-2017 11:21 AM
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I work in a disconnected environment (no internet) and created a tile cache to be basically used as a portable WMS.  I created a raster map tile cache for all of Canada using NRCAN`s Toporama at scales of 25k up to 5Mil. 

Cache is a composite (multi-import) of smaller tile caches caches. Each smaller cache was script-created with ArcGIS 10.5 using Create Tiling Cache Scheme and Manage Tile Cache.  Then a `mega-cache` was created by importing each cache in to one cache. The resulting mega-cache worked perfectly on the 10.5 machine.  It was then copied over to use on a 10.2.2 machine and it appears as though it works fine (loads at scale of entire dataset) except all the tiles come up blank. 

Looking at the properties I see that pyramids were present and no colour map.  I don't know if this may be causing the issues.  I attempted to remove the pyramids but Arc wouldn`t let me since tile caches don`t have pyramids.  I think that pyramids were somehow created at some point and caused these tiles to go blank.

I am hoping to get help finding a way to get the tile cache to display properly or determine if I have to restart from scratch on the 10.2.2 machine.


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