10.2 - Geocoding prematurely completes

03-17-2014 04:25 PM
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Hello -

This is the first time I've needed to geocode since upgrading to ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2 (Windows 7), and I'm getting a weird issue.

I defined a Dual Ranges address locator in ArcMap from a U.S. Census TIGER shapefile, and used it to geocode a list of ~3.2 million addresses contained in a CSV. Once it hit 67%, though, it said it was completed - no error messages, just "Completed" as you'd expect from a successful run. It looked to have created a shapefile with accurate points geographically, but a messed-up attribute table, and indeed, only two-thirds the number of rows. I ran it again from scratch, and it did the same thing, down to the number of addresses geocoded.

I couldn't find anything wrong with the address that it stopped at, so instead I chopped the list in half, and ran the first half through, assuming that since it had gotten through that entire subset when processing the first file, it wouldn't have an issue. But no, it hit 67% and said it was completed. I again cut my list in half, ran the first part through, and again, it completed at 67%, again with a corrupted attribute table. Experimenting with different sized slices from different parts of the file, the only way it seems to successfully work to 100% is if I scale the number of addresses back to ~75,000 or less - any larger and it hangs up at 67%.

Any ideas of what might be going wrong? The only patch on the issue I could find related to composite address locators, which I'm not using (I installed it anyway, no change).
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