Tracking Data Edits Independent from Geometry Edits

01-23-2019 08:56 AM
Status: Open
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by Anonymous User
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Would it be possible to allow users to track data edits separately from geometry edits?


One thing that would be greatly beneficial is to have ability to see how many geometry changes were made to every object in a given layer with a summary of who made the change. 


For data tracking, it would be nice to be able to look at the summary of every cell within the table and find out who modified it at what time and what the previous values were.


We are sure this would help out everyone understand the changes a little better and truly hope this is not hard to implement for local, ArcGIS online or data stored on Enterprise Server.


We have attached an example on how this is handled in smart-sheet tracking software.


Thank you.


Why not just make a copy of the entity where is sits on the ground every time it is changed (tabular or spatial)?

Then you know what and where without all the book keeping / back-end overhead.

by Anonymous User

We have dozens of people working on GIS datasets in a rapidly evolving industry (telecom). The nature of the dataset is to be constantly evolving both in geometry and attribution. Ideally there would be better tracking for both attributes and geometry.


I am glad that this idea already exists.  I also believe it would be quite beneficial to be able to separately track data/attribute edits from geometry edits.  I am constantly QC'ing data recorded or edited by other users and knowing what component of a dataset was edited would make it much more efficient for me to know what to look for during my review.