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State Tree Diagram for 10.1 and above

04-03-2013 06:05 AM
Status: Open
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New Contributor III

I have used the state tree diagram included in the GDBT tools included in 10.0.  I was dissapointed to find out at 10.1 this diagram is not included.  I spoke with ESRI Reps at the recent developers summit and one of them said that I can still find out the current state.  I do know that there are other ways to find out the current state.  However, the diagram is a great and quick way to find this information.  After a recon post compress or if I want to get a general ideas of who has been editing I can look at the state tree diagram and in 1 second see this information.
As mappers we tend to very visual people.  Looking at a tree diagram is much like looking at a map to find out information quickly.  I would very much like to see this diagram functionality developed for 10.2 and above and once again included in the ArcGIS Platform.
Kirk Webb

This was a very useful tool in previous releases. I just upgraded to 10.1 and really miss the state tree lineage view. Please bring it back!!
Visual State Tree is a must have for any SDE DBA. please, simply please bring add this as a standard tool.
The state tree viewer functionality was extremely useful.
It would be a shame to lose it.
As an SDE database manager, this is the one part of GDBT I use the most.  I do my A&D counts in other software because it is so much quicker, but the visual state tree tells me so much in an instant.
We plan to upgrade sde from 9.3.1 to 10.1 and i am lost without the GDBT Tree Viewer..... Please, please, bring it back!!
Please add state tree diagram for 10.1 and above! Thanks..
Like the State Tree Diagram...I'd suggest it be integrated into the Administer GDB menu along with the rest of the features that were in GDBT 10.0.  
 The ability to confirm recon, post, compress processes via the state tree is essential functionality.  One way or the other, please bring it back.
This was a great tool, please bring it back
I concur. The State Tree Diagram needs to be a part of the Geodatabase Administration menu in the latest version of ArcGIS. Extremely useful functionality.