Set Default Editor Tracking Field Names

03-19-2023 05:15 PM
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I'd like to be able to set the default editor tracking field names used in ArcGIS Pro rather than having to enter these every time to meet the business standards.

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Thanks for the idea @MatthewGeorge ,

Can you help me clarify it?  

Are you saying that you'd like the default editor tracking field names to populate in the input fields of the 'Enable Editor Tracking' GP tool when you open it so that you do not have to type them in? 

Or is the idea that you can set a unique defaults for the names of the four editor tracking fields entirely so that, for instance, instead of having the 'create_user' field be the default for that editor tracking property, you could set it to 'created_by' or another name defined by your business standards?


Thanks for responding @SSWoodward 

When you right click on a Feature Class in Catalog, select Properties, go to the Manage menu and then select Enable Editor Tracking - the fields that populate by default here are the ones I'd like to be able to predetermine. So, for example, rather than created_user and created_date I could have CreatedBy and CreatedDate as the defaults for the create fields.

I hope that explains it a bit more clearly but let me know if you need more info.