Metadata changes sent with replication

07-12-2011 12:53 PM
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It would like to see changes in the Metadata sent to the child feature classes when syncronizing a replica. Per the online help files: "...changes to the metadata are not applied during replica synchronization."

I agree. The current process of recreating the replica to get the metadata updated is inefficient. It seems to be bad practice to not have the metadata match the current state of the data.
Totally agree. When you send updates via synchronization the metadata (in the child SDE) should be updated as well. Otherwise it makes no sense, since the user still looks on old metadata, but the data is new. Results in confusion etc. 
Recreate the replica is no solution because it takes time and most of the time data is locked by users.
Definitely agree.  When synchronizing the replica's, ALL changes to the feature class should be replicated.  As is, the metadata shows that it was last updated with a timestamp of the last synchronization, but that is obviously NOT true.
I have been heavily involved with metadata since 1998.  Because of the size of our organization and various  pre-existing GIS policies of the various bureaus within our organization, we can finally implement a true enterprise GIS and and to start utilizating the versioning/replication process among all these bureaus.  To be brief, it looks like data adds/deletes can be implemented during the sync process BUT NOT any changes to the metadata describing the new updated data;updated dates;processing steps, etc.  Very troubling that with this current workflow, we are able to supply and distribute updated data more quickly, but NOT the metadata which fully documents the changes from version to version.  New data + Old metadata= "Bad things Dude".  Can we get an ESRI rep here to verify the information described here and provide a future fix????
I was surprised to see that metadata isn't replicated; it's just as valuable as the data. The utility of a one-way replica for data preservation is greatly diminished without metadata replication.
This should be a priority for all of us...

Please get this replaced...

Is there any word on this?

When will ESRI chime in on this for a status?


Surprising that this is not standard functionality...
A status would be welcome.


Is this thing on? The idea is only 5.5 years old...