Merge GDBT, MXDPERFSTAT, GDBDesigner, GDBDiagrammer, GDBReporter into ONE extension

06-11-2010 06:43 PM
Status: Open
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Merge the following tools into ONE CORE ArcGIS Extention:

GDBT Geodatabase Toolset -

I liked the 9.2 GDBT with MXDPEFTSTAT embeded in ArcMap, please bring that back.


Geodatabase Designer -

Geodatabase Diagrammer -

Geodatabase Reporter -

Please combine Designer+Diagrammer+Reporter into an new ArcGIS CASE TOOL Extension

FAQ:  What are the deprecation plans for ArcGIS 9.3.1 and the upcoming release of ArcGIS 10?

  • "ArcGIS 9.3.1 was the last release to support CASE tools and the Import Schema Wizard functionality in the box. At ArcGIS 10 we will continue to allow users to use CASE functionality to design and implement geodatabase schema with Microsoft Visio and Rational Rose. This CASE functionality will be available as a separate setup that will be included in the media for ArcGIS 10 Final. This CASE functionality will be provided as an "Add‐On" to ArcCatalog, which will consist of the Schema Wizard and Semantics Checker. This CASE "ADD‐On" will be fully supported by ESRI Technical Support. Beyond ArcGIS 10, we continue to see a need for tools to diagram and define geodatabase schemas, and we will be looking at the best patterns and practices for supporting this in the future."
  • "ArcGIS 10.0 will be the last release of Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA); we will no longer support VBA beyond the ArcGIS 10.0 release. Microsoft no longer promotes or updates VBA. ESRI strongly recommends that no further development occur on this platform. Beyond ArcGIS 10.0, ESRI will no longer be able to support VBA as a development platform. Users who have custom functionality built using VBA should actively plan strategies to rewrite their applications using a supported development language such as Python, VB.NET, or C# so their applications continue to be operational and supported in future releases of ArcGIS."
  • "ArcGIS 9.3.1 was the last release supporting Microsoft Visual Basic 6 (VB6). Microsoft no longer supplies or supports VB6, and we can no longer support this development platform. Users who have custom functionality built using VB6 will need to rewrite their applications using a supported development language (e.g. VB.NET, C#) for their applications to be supported in 10.0."



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I would add ArcSDE permissions to it also.

This is a terrific idea. Without a CASE tool for geodatabase design, the geodatabase will never be accepted by the IT community as a legitimate "enterprise" database. It's extremely important that reverse engineering be incorporated into whatever CASE extension ESRI comes up with, as well as the ability to document the "delta" between a CASE tool model and an actual geodatabase.
The GDBT is a great set of tools. GBD Designer is an excellent choice for review and modification of the GDB. GDB Diagrammer provides a method for creating high quality stylized GDB documentation products that stand on thier own.

This toolset should be an extension.
A CASE Tool is definitely a must have tool for next ArcGIS releases!

The GDBT tools serials are a great helper for people who designing geodatabases.
If only the ESRI Company embrace the ArcGIS 10 with the GDBT tools.

From another point of view, we developers should provide python support for it.
The GDBT was very useful.

Since migrating to ArcGIS 10 I am spending a lot more time trying to idetify existing versions, version owners, locks, etc

It's like we've been given this excellent functionality - versioned geodatabase - without the proper tools to manage it

Please bring it back
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Thank you very much.
I'm not completely on board with merging all of these into one extension. The geodatabase CASE tools (Designer, Diagrammer & Reporter) should be combined in a single extension.
GDBT is for managing an existing geodatabase and has nothing to do with schema design; it should be a separate extension.

Likewise, MXDPERFSTAT is for tuning mxd's; it has nothing to do with either schema design or geodatabase management. It should be a separate extension.

All of these tools are extremely useful and should be enhanced, extended and incorporated into the base product at 10.x. (But as three extensions, not one.)
 Check out ArcGIS X-Ray 10 on

It provides some simple ArcGIS 10 add-ins that make designing and documentation GDBs and maps simpler. It provides a practical alternative to CASE tools and Diagrammer tools with Excel editing and HTML document/SVG diagrams for output. 

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I think that tthor's comments hit the nail on the head - the tools are quite different (though all very useful in their own regards).  from the data modeling community (PODS, DOT, APDM, etc), the CASE tools are very important and many of us are looking for a similar tool that can be used to design and document data models (particular strengths in using xml for generating new schemas w/ different projections and the use of inheritance & abstract classes).

i think a merger of the CASE xml format with the ESRI 'export to xml' designs would probably offer the most benefit long term.