Hosted Feature Layer copy to ArcGIS Server as a back-up data option

06-03-2021 01:14 PM
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Since Esri does not currently provide a data back-up option for hosted feature layers, there should be a way to easily export a hosted feature layer as a feature layer on a local ArcGIS web server.  That way, the data can be backed-up in a sense.  With this....there should be ways to  maintain the original globalid values so that relates are not lost.


Hosted layers are stored in ArcGIS Data Store. Does Managing Data Store Backups work for you (in case the hosted feature layers are in Portal for ArcGIS)? 

I am referring to the hosted feature layers that get creates from Survey123 forms which are not stored in portal. I don't believe the document you sent includes that situation, correct?

Hi @LisaDygert,

> Since Esri does not currently provide a data back-up option for hosted feature layers ...

Please review these 2 items:

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The apps from GeoJobe look very useful

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Good Afternoon @LisaDygert , 

We know its been a while, but wanted to check to see if any of the documents provided by @DerekLaw helped you find a solution to your back-up needs.

Let us know here in the comments if you have a moment. Thanks!