Hide time portion of Date field in ArcMap

a month ago
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I could not find an ArcMap Idea Board, so hope this is a good place, and also can't believe this hasn't been proposed already.

I need to hide the time portion of the Date field in ArcMap. We are using Oracle enterprise geodatabase (SDE) and the only option we have is Date, which translates to an Oracle Timestamp field. We are storing Start and End dates for trips and would like to do things like date calculations for trip durations, but the data users want the time part hidden, as it is distracting and unnecessary for editing and using the data. 

We are able to hide the time portion on AGOL, why not in ArcMap? Please add this to the field settings so we can hide the time portion of the Date field data type. Or allow a true Oracle Date field where we can specify the precision to only hold the date. We do not want to see the time.

Thank you!

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I wouldn't bet on any further improvements to ArcMap being conducted. 

ArcMap Continued Support (esri.com)

 Esri Support ArcMap 10.8 (10.8.1)


@DavidPike Yes, I am aware that ArcMap has a 5 year life left, but working for Government, ArcPro is not yet available in our data center. Having to work with our SDE data, located at the data center, leaves us with ArcMap as our only choice. It will likely be 2 more years before ArcPro is stood up at our data center where our corporate databases are located. That leaves many of us in a tight spot where ArcMap is no longer being enhanced or supported, with the answer being "switch to ArcPro", which we cannot do right now, as much as we'd like to. I don't have high hopes that anyone from Esri will implement this idea in a patch, but since we have a couple more years of using ArcMap primarily, I thought I'd at least ask.


It never hurts to ask, but the good money is on @DavidPike 's bet.  I'm really surprised the Forest Service is sticking to ArcMap for that long.


@JoeBorgione Well, as they say - money doesn't grow on....